Urban & Veggie is perfect spot for your events and celebrations!

Urban Veggie is happily located in Gruž, only 2 km from Dubrovnik’s Old City.
As the economic, business and trading center of Dubrovnik, Gruž is in many ways this city’s second heart. Here you’ll find many companies and agencies, a modern port for cruisers, ferries and yachts, the main bus station and Dubrovnik’s all-time favorite sports club – Water Polo Club Jug. The urbanscape of Gruž, stretching from Kantafiga Horn in the west to Ilijina Glavica in the east, is dotted by amazing historic villas, as Dubornvik’s aristocracy begun erecting their summer residences in this beautiful bay as early as the 13th century. These beauties keep attracting both gazes and selfies – whatever pleases your heart!
Gruž is also home to the main Dubrovnik food market, offering amazing homegrown food and spices from Konavle Valley, Island of Šipan and Pelješac Peninsula. Be summer or winter, Gruž market is the lively meeting point of all Dubrovnikers, regardless of their age or occupation, a bustling, merry place steeped in unique southern scents and colors. We have to admit, apart from Urban Veggie, the city’s main food market is our favorite spot in Gruž!


Urban & Veggie is located at the very seaside, on a lot that once upon a time was a part of Gundulić Villa’s garden. Today’s edifice and terrace that house Urban & Veggie was built around the 1850s by then-owner Biaggio Radić, whose initials can still be seen at the balcony above the restaurant’s entrance. Now, heritage is something that every Dubrovniker considers a serious affair. Therefore we are proud that here, at this actual location, we can offer our own, contemporary contribution to the millennia-old tradition of Dubrovnik’s cuisine.


Urban Veggie is the temple of whole-food gastronomy, the oasis of peace and quiet set amidst the neighboring Mediterranean gardens that are filled with palms, pines, laurels, oleanders, rosemary, lavender and much more. This very special ambient yields a perfect synergy with our ultra-healthy and ultra-tasty menu, guaranteeing a true whole-food food spa.
Step across Urban Veggie’s threshold and leave the city’s hubbub, worries and stress behind. Relax and enjoy our restaurant’s understated and comfortable modern design, while savoring the first-class vegetarian and vegan delicacies.
Open and satisfy all your senses in the pleasant morning sun, afternoon shade or evening quiet in this uniquely healthy dine & wine oasis!


It is no secret that Urban & Veggie team loves everything and anything to do with fitness, sports, and movement in general. Since the owner and our chef is also an experienced Ironman triathlete, we know all there is to know about the nutritive needs of sportspeople. Naturally, the decorative centerpiece in our restaurant is not a bowl or a sculpture – but a bike!
Therefore, if you’ve just finished your morning routine of swimming or jogging, yoga or Nordic walking …. come to Urban Veggie for your healthy, nutritious, refreshing and tasty snack or brunch. All of the above goes for bicyclists! Feel free to park your two-wheeled pet on the terrace and renew your bodily supplies with one of the fantastic vegetarian or vegan Urban veggie dishes!