Urban & Veggie is a vegecentric restaurant with a warm and homely ambiance

Our mission is simple: to offer a healthy, exciting and satisfying whole-food dishes to all the citizens and visitors of Dubrovnik.

If you’re vegetarian, vegan or simply someone who wants to ditch meat or dodge animal-based products for a day or keep up your keto or protein diet while switching onto plant-based food, Urban Veggie is a perfect choice.
We love making food. And, we love to see you smile when we exceed your expectations.
We also believe that vegetarian and vegan food offers infinite possibilities, that it can be inspiring, as well as nutritious and healthy. Breakfast or snack, lunch or dinner, Urban Veggie is simply bursting with vibrant, healthy, wholesome food!


Urban Veggie is conceived as Dubrovnik’s vegecentric sustainability hotspot.

We really care about veggies. For once, we’re ingredient-focused and relentlessly seasonal. Second, we aim at using the local produce, all those wonderful, locally grown, GMO-free, organic vegetables. Our primary supply sources are small, family-owned farms in Konavle, a picturesque Mediterranean valley that in the centuries past was known as “the granary of Dubrovnik“. As the southernmost region of Croatia, this area has been relying on traditional Mediterranean farming for millennia. Dubrovnik’s hinterland and coastal belt are full of olive orchards and vineyards. The region excels in producing superb organic lemons, oranges, carob, and figs. Due to many hours of sunshine and low rainfall, farming is strictly seasonal and gardens abound in various traditional vegs such as various sorts of chard, parsnips, lettuce, tomato, potato, beet, zucchini, aubergines and much else. It goes without mentioning – even the smallest gardens abound in herbs such as rosemary, basil, marjoram, thyme, oregano, and sage, whose flavors and scents are intensified by the southern sun.

These locally sourced ingredients not only allow us to minimize waste and increase sustainability but form the very basis of our Mediterranean plant-based veg cuisine, which is further spiced with some globetrotting elements such as avocado or tofu.
It is no accident that Urban Veggie is located in Dubrovnik’s historic port of Gruž, a few meters away from the city’s main food market that offers fresh produce from all those small farms in Konavle Valley, Pelješac Peninsula, the island of Šipan, Mokošica and Dubrovnik hinterland. It goes without saying, our chef daily cruises this bustling market and often personally visits the family-owned farms we collaborate with.
We firmly believe that knowing the food producers on the first name base as well as knowing exactly where and how they grow their food is the only way to ensure the food we prepare is grown in an ecological and sustainable way.


At Urban Veggie, we believe every meal should be an amazing trip, a sort of food-spa that benefits you wellbeing, entices your taste buds, and continues with a fantastic afterglow!
The opening credits belong to our starters. A threesome spread will walk you through the enticing flavors of beet hummus, through peas and mint combo, all the way to pepper bells garnished with organic toasted walnuts. Then there are patties with sweet corn and homemade egg-free mayo. For those in favor of one compact have-it-all dish, The Best Sandwich has a right ratio of vegs and plant-based proteins, and also available in gluten-free options if you want to avoid grains. Seasonally tuned soup of the day makes another excellent and tasty starter.

Main courses include exciting risottos, pasta, and curries, along with protein combos. Besides, every day you can try another daily combo-dish offer, whose central dish functions as an excellent brunch on its own. Our signature dish and chef’s favorite is definitely the lentil-based, fully flavored Veggie Burger, test and tried by long-time vegans and professional athletes as well.
A must-taste regional vegetarian combo includes a choice of amazing organic cheeses and walnuts from Konavle, topped with wild honey from Herzegovina. A perfect match for Croatian world-awarded wines.
Desserts take on some true guilt-free pleasures made from locally grown oranges, carrots, carob, and other sweet wonders.